The overarching goal of the Village Social Transformation Mission is to improve the human development index of ~1000 villages in Maharashtra. There are several other specific goals that it seeks to achieve. These include:

Significantly increase agricultural productivity

Improve health, hygiene and sanitation in all villages

Construct pucca housing for all households

Achieve complete water security in all villages

Improve education and learning outcomes

Provide digital connectivity to all villages

Skill youth and place them in jobs

Protect the environment

Harisal Digital Village project

The Harisal Digital Village project was a Public Private Partnership between the Government & Microsoft that aimed to revitalise the small village of Harisal, infamously known as Maharashtra's malnutrition capital. Instead of using traditional approaches, the initiative utilized digital connectivity and technology-based solutions to target the challenges that Harisal faced.

Two key lessons arose from the project's success:

  • Meaningful collaboration between the private and public sector can yield exceptional results
  • Technology can be a key enabler in human development, and it must penetrate to even the remotest parts of India