The Maharashtra Village Social Transformation Foundation (M-VSTF) through its Article of Association has formed the following Councils for the Community.

Governing Council

  • The Governing Council is comprised of the CEOs, Chairpersons of the Founding corporate partners. The Council is chaired by the Hon. Chief Minister, Government of Maharashtra.
  • The Governing Council will provide strategic input to the Foundation and sign off on the interventions required to transform the villages. It will also monitor overall progress of the Foundation.

Executive Council

  • The Executive Council (EC) comprises the CSR heads, representatives, nominees of all corporate partners, along with the Secretary of the Rural Development Department.
  • EC is responsible for daily operations of the Foundation, and report to the Governing Council.

Working Group

  • Each key interventions will have a Working Group comprising of domain experts in the field.
  • The Working Group will develop operational strategy for the concern initiative, and be responsible for creating precise Standard Operating Procedures that will serve as the basis for all development activities in the villages.
  • The Working Group will share its outcomes with the Executive Council.

District Mission Councils (DMC)

  • The DMCs play a critical role in ensuring that work is carried out effectively and efficiently on the ground, with optimum utilization of funds and resources.
  • They will work alongside the Working Groups and tailor development plans for the selected villages. Additionally, they will assist in on-ground operational activity and ensure convergence with existing government schemes.